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1.2 2007-03-14
1.1 2007-01-21
1.0 2006-07-19

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Some minor styling changes to make reports look a little nicer by default. Fixes none . Jeremy Thomerson
Made the text reporting listener generate much nicer reports using jQuery table sorter. It also now tries to generate nicer column names for you and allows you to override the column names explicitly. Fixes none . Jeremy Thomerson
Using headless mode for *NIX boxes without X. Fixes 1682170 . Jeremy Thomerson
The HTTP server didn't start because the SpringBootstrapper called DashboardAgent#runAllReports() rather than run(). Fixes none . Jeremy Thomerson
TextReportingListener didn't work with null values Fixes none . Jeremy Thomerson
See notes on previous action for issue #1529934 Fixes 1682210 . Jeremy Thomerson
See notes on previous action for issue #1529934 Fixes 1682189 . Jeremy Thomerson
Making VitalSigns Linux-friendly. Added shell scripts and removed references to c:\ drive. Fixes 1529934 . Jeremy Thomerson
Configuring dashboard reports containers via Spring was not working because the set() and get() methods of reports returned different types (List vs Iterator). Fixed by making reports lists everywhere. As part of this fix, also refactored getSortorder() and getSortOrder() into a single method. Containers now use their own sort order, and the sort order of their contained reports is for within-container sorting only. Fixes 1776511 . Jeremy Kraybill

Release 1.2 - 2007-03-14

Type Changes By
Change EmailAlertListener to track the last observed value, and only send an email if the current observed value is out of bounds AND is "worse" (less or greater, depending on the chart) than the last observed value (configurable - defaults off). Fixes 1661701 . Jeremy Kraybill
Change EmailAlertListener to auto-include machine name in alerts. Fixes 1661759 . Jeremy Kraybill
Embed simple HTML server for reports - embedded slightly modifed version of NanoHTTPD so that reports can be simply served from the dashboard agent. Fixes 1529931 . Jeremy Thomerson

Release 1.1 - 2007-01-21

Type Changes By
Changed timer in example config to use proper Cron timer. The simple scheduler was causing reports to not fire correctly, sometimes not ever, depending on when the process was started. Fixes 1573750 . Jeremy Kraybill
Fixed issue which caused reports to persist data points even when no data was collected, causing charts to look like step functions. Fixes 1573756 . Jeremy Kraybill
Fixed issue which caused any report with an ID of over 1000 to fail due to SQL formatting. Fixes 1583971 . Jeremy Kraybill
Fixed ReportRatioLogger, which was causing ratio reports to look at the earliest recorded data points instead of the most recent. Fixes 1583984 . Jeremy Kraybill
Fixed broken SqlDataDaoTest, failing due to new format of float numbers in SQL statements. Fixes 1639714 . Jeremy Kraybill
Fixed templated reporting. Data retrievers were not being cloned when reports were, so all cloned reports were using the same retriever, which obviously caused problems. Fixes 1635999 . Jeremy Thomerson
Return null rather than zero from NO_OP_DATA_RETRIEVER. This prevents reports with no configured data retriever from logging erroneous "zero" data points every time they are invoked. Fixes 1529158 . Jeremy Thomerson
Fixed the compile error in ReportRatioLogger when compiling with JDK less than 1.5. Fixes 1528573 . Jeremy Thomerson

Release 1.0 - 2006-07-19

Type Changes By
Added UrlRegexDataRetriever to pull arbitrary data from any source accessible via URL (i.e. web page). It allows you to specify a URL and a regular expression to retrieve a numeric piece of data from the page to be logged as the report's data. Jeremy Thomerson
Ported TextReporter to fit into new infrastructure. It now uses a template to generate its output. All HTML was removed from java files. It extends a base class implementation that can be used for anything that needs to obtain additional data from a source other than the logged data for a report and generate a templated report on a per report-configuration basis. Jeremy Thomerson
Added check in DashboardAgent that ensures that no two reports have the same ID. This is especially critical for templated reports where the ID may be auto-generated (in current templating implementation, the ID is the hash of the generated title). Jeremy Thomerson
Added support for report groups. This allows for grouping of arbitrary reports as well as auto-grouping of templated reports if you supply a group name to the template. Jeremy Thomerson
Work out licensing details so that we are in compliance with licenses of distributed libraries. Jeremy Thomerson
Integrated Maven2 build process into development process for VS Jeremy Thomerson
Redesigned report output generation to be listener-based so that it provides a more extensible way of generating output based on recorded report data. Jeremy Thomerson
Abstracted functionality of reporting and data loading so that it is more extensible to the general public. Jeremy Thomerson
Created listener-based alert system that listens for data outside of configured thresholds. Jeremy Thomerson
Deleted IAlertHandler and associated code. Jeremy Thomerson
Templatize all HTML output using Freemarker. Remove all HTML from Java code. Jeremy Thomerson