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Number of occurrences found in the code: 9

com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.DashboardReport Line
FIXME : this is specialized for CARad - needs to be genericized -- preferably allow daily run time to be configured (injected) 87
is this comment still correct? is there a restriction on how often it can run? I presume this is only valid if the reportagent is triggered less than given amount 166
com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.DashboardReportTest Line
this test is buggy, and generates occasional failures, likely having to do with current minute % frequency == 0 62
com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.dao.TestDataDaoFactory Line
fix up logging in this class 31
com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.dataretrievers.TesterLogger Line
previously this did not throw an exception, but simply logged the error. should we have changed it or left it the way it was? 71
com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.listeners.FileCopyingListener Line
this copyFile method should be extracted to a general utility 99
com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.listeners.UptimeReporter Line
this class still needs to be ported to work with the OS version of vitalsigns 56
com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.templates.DashboardReportTemplate Line
this should probably be IDashboardReport, but that may require it to extend Clonable 104
com.ebay.carad.os.vitalsigns.util.SpringBootstrapper Line
usage instructions 28